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Paul lived in New Brunswick, Canada. And in 1990, he bought his first Nova Scotia Duck Toller pup. That was the start to 15 years of Showing Duck Tollers and breeding them. Paul produced Canadian Champions. His youngest Duck Toller, Tilly, achieved the Highest Level of Obedience for Canada.  She was the youngest to ever do it at 23 months. Her record remains unbroken to this day. Aside from showing and breeding, Paul held classes for dog training. And is now currently Showing and Breeding French Bulldogs.

We love this breed.


Paul and John belong to:

Canadian Kennel Club – www.ckc.ca

American Kennel Club – www.akc.org

French Bulldog Club Of Western Canada – www.fbcwc.ca

French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada – www.frenchbulldogfanciers.com

Our Team

Left to Right: Honorable Judge Donald Emslie, Paul Watson, John Collins

Breed Standard

The breed standard for french bulldogs. Allowed colors. For more information visit French Bulldog Fanciers Of Canada



For more information about rescues visit French Bulldog Fanciers Of Canada.


The health of our dogs is of the utmost importance to us. Here are the clearances Celt MacBhaid Kennel does.


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Email: celtmacbhaid@gmail.com

John cell:  902-220-2818

Paul cell: 902-225-2425